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North Peak Development is proud to endorse Cupps Wealth Management as our official wealth management partner. Nick has proven to be a strong wealth manager who communicates clearly and consistently with his clients and can offer a unique investment portfolio to our clients. 

Nicholas Cupps | Founder

Cupps Wealth Management
> Background

Cupps Wealth Management was founded with the desire to bring something new to the financial services industry.  With 18 years of experience in this industry, Nicholas Cupps understands that managing wealth must include strategies outside the traditional stock and bond suite.  He started his career working at major firms, where advisors are limited to offering only securities like stocks, bonds, and annuities.  Wanting more for his clients, Nicholas decided to break free and create a company that can offer clients access to real estate investing as part of their investment strategy.  His clients benefit from an innovative approach that uniquely integrates real estate investing into a seamless financial plan.   

Cupps Wealth Management > Difference

Direct real estate investing (not investing in R.E.I.T.’s) is a critical piece to financial success.  Now more than ever, with today’s rapidly changing investment environment and increased debt, bonds are going to face significant pressure.  They will be less reliable in supplying investors with adequate income and return to meet their needs in the future.  This will likely force investors to either take more risk in the stock market, further complicating that space, or seek alternative options for income.   Direct real estate investing is one of the best places to look to satisfy this need, and we are helping our clients do just that. 

Benefits of Real Estate:

Why Real Estate should be looked at as the new bond alternative:

  • Historically lower volatility
  • Higher returns in many areas
  • Substantial income versus bonds and dividend paying stocks
  • Certain tax advantages

Next Steps…

Cupps Wealth Management works with accredited investors to help manage their wealth, not just their investments.  We’re here to help you invest in real estate, determine where it fits best in your financial picture and how much you should acquire.  If you’d like to learn more about how you can partner with Cupps Wealth Management, we’d love to hear from you and would be honored to help.  Please reach out to us via the contact information below for a free consult.  We look forward to offering you a new strategy and approach!

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